Advertising Design Advertising Design New Brand Identity 2009 77657410 Food Magazine Spread This is a mock-up for a spread in "Tequila" a Spanglish Food & Entertainment Magazine 2009 39554278 Sierra Club Billboard This is a billboard design for a group project between Queen's University and The Sierra Club of Charlotte 2009 39556979 Movie Logo This is a logo for a short animated movie entitled: The Adam & Eve Story 2009 39558110 What's your Move This is part of a series of sermon slides for The Greenford Christian Church worship service 2009 39558955 Warhol Theater Poster This is a mock-up advertisment to promote "Warhol on the Waterfront" a production at Halton Theater 2009 39559955 Queen's Colloquium Cover This is a cover designed for the student colloquium "Changing Places" involving music, literature and the arts 2010 72341690 Student Defense Project This is a brochure designed for the Council for Children's Rights to promote their new Student Defense Project 2009 39664692 Bergisel Root Beer Project This is part of a mock-up for a Switzerland root beer ad campaign "Cheers" 2010 61186117 disAbilities Services Brochure This is a series of brochure's designed for the Learning Disabilities Services office of Central Piedmont 2009 126968106 Integrative Counseling This is a piece of branding collateral designed for Integrative Art Psychotherapy and Counseling of Charlotte 2011 127323165 Bewitching Chocolate Co. This is a piece of promotional collateral designed for a handmade chocolate company in Salem, Ohio 2011 159193864 E-One Timepieces This is an info graphic created to promote a universally designed watch for the blind and non blind 2012 162531597 Art Therapy + Happiness Project Logo This is version one of two logos designed for the Art Therapy + Happiness project 2013 190112575 Pennsylvania Art Therapy Licensure Council Logo This is a logo designed as part of branding material for (PAATLC) Pennsylvania Art Therapy Licensure Council 2016 201404058 2009 127221115